itaki teams up with RiTE Media again for a virtual production showcase. The final piece was includes over an hour of mocap fed into Unreal and then composited on live footage in Nuke. For this job we had to marry mocap takes with dialog takes. Then import tracked cameras from our miniature sets and light our avatar. Finally we’d export an Unreal render to be finally composited in Nuke.

February 13, 2023 3D, Color, Commerical, Motion Graphics, VFX, Volume

CoolCoolCool was commissioned to produce a “get out the vote” spot by the New Georgia Project. They brought us in to do the post. We decided to go with an early 80’s ESPN vibe. We edited the spot and then created early 80’s style graphics. Then completed the spot by wrapping the whole thing up in a CRT effect.

February 13, 2023 3D, Color, Commerical, Motion Graphics, VFX

CoolCoolCool productions produced a call your senator PSA. We handled all the post including, editing, VFX, Color correction and sound design.

February 12, 2023 3D, Color, Commerical, Edit, Motion Graphics, VFX

Atlanta United is our local Atlanta Futball team. We had the privilege of producing 4 Mantras for the season.

February 12, 2023 3D, Color, Commerical, Motion Graphics

We Edited and did VFX for a segment of Dead By Midnight called Hellavangelist written and directed by Hannah Fierman

February 11, 2023 Color, Edit, Films, VFX

We edited, did the VFX, motion graphics and color correction for THD Pro distributors campaign

February 11, 2023 3D, Color, Commerical, Motion Graphics, VFX

Coloring and conforming the feature Curveball

February 10, 2023 Color, Films

2017 This is a color reel from a number of different films and music videos. All color was done in Black Magic DaVinci Resolve except for some additional effects done in After Effects for Born Pretty and Lost & Found.

0:021:05 from “Curveball” –
1:051:27 from “Lost & Found” by Spirits and the Melchizedek Children –
1:271:45 from “Born Pretty” by Mary O Harrison –
1:452:15 from “The End Again” –
2:152:33 from “AICP reel” – Artifact Design –
Music “Where Is My Mind” by Maxence Cyrin –

Michael McReynolds – Resolve Colorist – Nuke Compositor

November 25, 2015 Color, Films, Music Videos, Reels, VFX

“Lost and Found”

from the album So Happy, It’s Sad

by The Spirits

Written, Directed, Edited by Carl Janes of FUTURE ANCESTORS

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children are Jason Robert Elliott Chris Case Brian Fielden Joe McNeill Andrew Burnes Ryan Odom Backing vocals by Mlny Parsonz Cello by Matt Jarrard Violin and viola by Ryan Gregory

Cinematography, VFX and Post – Michael McReynolds

Assistant Director – Matt Brohammer

Production Assistant – Dan McDonough

Production Assistant – Daniel Rambacher

“Lost and Found” Produced by Benjamin Price Engineered by Benjamin Price Mix Engineered by Benjamin Price and Jonathan Rhum Mastered by Glenn Schick Recorded and Mixed at Studilaroche in Atlanta GA Mastered at Glenn Schick Mastering in Atlanta GA Filmed in Georgia, USA

Special thanks to Ranger John At Arabia Mountain Copyright SATMC © 2013

September 5, 2014 Color, Films, Music Videos, VFX

I did the editing and color for this short film staring Columbus Short and Tanee McCall-Short. The DP and Director wanted the final film super dark. I finished the film in Davinci Resolve.

Official Website :

IMDb :

August 27, 2014 Color, Films

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