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The Future Is Now! VFX

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RiTE Media setup a large in house led volume that renders the background real time while tracking with the camera. They brought itaki on board to handle the integration between foreground and background. We pulled off a number of shots using volumetric fog and lights to marry the them together to make the shots foreground and background belong in the… Read More »The Future Is Now! VFX

Joyriders VFX

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Raymond Carr of Ninja Puppet is making a kids movie where some kids find a crashed spaceship and take it out on some crazy adventures. He asked me to produce a few shots for his feature pilot. He shot the model ship on green and needed it composited into a background photo he had. We blew out the photo into… Read More »Joyriders VFX

Devil To Pay

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itaki did the visual effects for the award winning directors Lane and Ruckus Sky and their festival darling “Devil To Pay”

SpaceJam – Call Your Senator

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CoolCoolCool productions produced a call your senator PSA. We handled all the post including, editing, VFX, Color correction and sound design.

Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar – WIN VFX

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Itaki Design joined MOD and Chris Nalesnik to knock out a music video for Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar. We had the task of creating several different worlds for them to live in. We used a ton of camera tracking and the use of a lot of 3D cards in Nuke to bring all the elements together.