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The Future Is Now! VFX

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RiTE Media setup a large in house led volume that renders the background real time while tracking with the camera. They brought itaki on board to handle the integration between foreground and background. We pulled off a number of shots using volumetric fog and lights to marry the them together to make the shots foreground and background belong in the… Read More »The Future Is Now! VFX

Inner Child Volumetric Demo with RiTE Media

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In preparation for building a led volume, RiTE Media created a short film using rear projection and their bolt. First we recorded the camera move. Then we animated the background in C4D. We then played back the rendered clip on the rear projection screen giving the illusion that the set is much bigger than it really is.

ROBOT! BEGINS! Studio Outpost Shorts Show Opener

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The Studio Outpost shorts was screened November 16th, 2010. It was a collection of films that members of the Studio Outpost created over the last year. They include; Josh Wilcox’s “Sweatshop”, Dave Bruckner’s “One For The Road”, and Raymond Carr’s “Wild Is The Wind”. ROBOT! is a suite in the Studio Outpost that consistently gets abused for projects from get… Read More »ROBOT! BEGINS! Studio Outpost Shorts Show Opener

Blood Car Effects

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While we completed many of the post effects on Blood Car, this is an example of one of the composites we did. Official Trailer 1 Official Trailer 2 IMDB Wikipedia Find the film on demand or on Netflix.