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VA Health Connect VFX

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We were asked to create a magical visual interface for the Veterans Administration’s Health Connect program. We did some 3D camera tracking, added the graphic elements and created the connection effect.

Inner Child Volumetric Demo with RiTE Media

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In preparation for building a led volume, RiTE Media created a short film using rear projection and their bolt. First we recorded the camera move. Then we animated the background in C4D. We then played back the rendered clip on the rear projection screen giving the illusion that the set is much bigger than it really is.

Atlanta United Mantras

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Atlanta United is our local Atlanta Futball team. We had the privilege of producing 4 Mantras for the season.

Georgia Lotto Cash 3 VFX

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The Georgia Lotto was giving away Mercedes Benz’s so they needed a set that was a bright, elegant and polished as the cars. We created a fake neon sign to reflect on the cars as well as built out a bunch of elements for the set itself. Then we composited the elements in Nuke to output realistic looking set pieces… Read More »Georgia Lotto Cash 3 VFX

Spirits – Lost and Found Music Video

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“Lost and Found” from the album So Happy, It’s Sad by The Spirits Written, Directed, Edited by Carl Janes of FUTURE ANCESTORS Spirits and the Melchizedek Children are Jason Robert Elliott Chris Case Brian Fielden Joe McNeill Andrew Burnes Ryan Odom Backing vocals by Mlny Parsonz Cello by Matt Jarrard Violin and viola by Ryan Gregory Cinematography, VFX and Post – Michael… Read More »Spirits – Lost and Found Music Video

Winn Dixie

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We Augmented a few shots for a Winn Dixie spot. Mostly adding festive frosty fog which included a bit of camera tracking and volumetrics.

Ghost of Old Highways VFX Breakdown

The visual effects (VFX) breakdown of Ghost of Old Highways by itaki design studio. The short film was inspired by Lovett’s Ghost of Old Highways off of the Highway Collection album. It was written and directed by Dan Bush of Psychopia Pictures. The visual effects were all done at Studio Outpost by itaki design studio. Michael McReynolds lead the VFX… Read More »Ghost of Old Highways VFX Breakdown

The End Again

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I did the editing and color for this short film staring Columbus Short and Tanee McCall-Short. The DP and Director wanted the final film super dark. I finished the film in Davinci Resolve. Official Website : IMDb :